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So, I'm attempting a new tag. Anything under "Random Fandom" will either be multi-fannish, or stuff that I just can't fit anywhere else. Today's random post is about Character Theme Song. These are songs that, for whatever reason, I tend to associate with a specific character. Why am I doing this? I have no idea. It's Sunday, and I'm in a whimsical mood. :) If I had the time to vid, I'd probably attempt the ones without vids already.

Rob Thomas--I Am An Illusion

Jack Bristow, Alias. Ah, Jack. So supremely messed up, yet so badass.

Indigo Girls--Galileo

The Tenth Doctor, Doctor Who

This is such a Ten song. He tries so hard, and stumbles so often. Bless. Someone needs to do a vid to this song.

Alan Parsons Project--Days are Numbers(The Traveller)

The Doctor, Doctor Who

Someone did do a vid to this, featuring Doctors 1-7. Alas, it was on a VCR tape that I've since lost. If anyone knows the vid I'm talking about, and has it, I'd like another copy. The Doctor. The eternal wanderer. Such a melancholy song, yet with a hopeful edge to it.

KT Tunstall--Suddenly I See

Sarah Jane Smith, Doctor Who

SJS. Queen of Awesome.

KT Tunstall--Funnyman

The Doctor, Doctor Who

I'm aware this song has a much darker meaning, but when I first heard it, it seemed like such a Doctorish song.

Matchbox Twenty--Push

Loki, MCU

Rob Thomas again. Loki, losing control.

Placebo--Running Up That Hill

Loki, MCU

Loki. Jealous, angry and ambitious. Never quite measuring up.

Rob Thomas--Something to Be

Tony Stark, MCU

The perfect Tony song, circa Iron Man I. Someone needs to make a vid out of this, ASAP.

Dave Matthews Band--Ants Marching

Cast, The West Wing

The daily grind of running the country, from the mundane to the ridiculous. And all those pediconferences. Oy.

Whew. And that's it. I may do another one of these at some point. To everyone on my friends list: What are your character theme songs?


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